I started writing a blog before the word was coined.

Back in 1996, I chanced upon this innovative software Greymatter which allowed me to write a diary on my website. A diary which gave me an outlet to vent my thoughts and to share them – with myself.

Back in those days, when Google was just a misspelt form of that delightfully enormous number Googol, people did not just discover or stumble upon websites. You had to know the website that you want to access, in order to reach it. There was a huge (and growing) forest and no map to find your way.

My diary – Braindump – was the perfect example of a hidden in plain sight object. I gave out the address to friends and family and some liked it while others didn’t. And it was a great way to remain in touch and for them to continue to experience my brand of madness from afar.

My website hosting company had a server go kaput, so I lost the contents of Braindump. I reinstalled the software on a new server and it was dubbed Braindump v2.0. Then followed versions 3.0 and 4.0.

By that time, everyone and their neighbour was blogging. So I gave up blogging.

I also ran out of time, ran out of patience – but never out of things to vent.

So after a hiatus of almost a couple of years, I am back with Braindump v5.0.

Well, I almost was.

Life intervened, and now after a four year hiatus, here is v6.0.

I am a lawyer (by training), a hacker (by choice), a father (because nothing beats a child’s love) and an occasional writer, occasional speaker, occasional teacher, occasional contrarian, occasional trainee pilot, occasional student, and according to my wife – a constantly argumentative person.

You can find a part of my professional biography here. And a general one here.